Animal Figure – White or Black Base



Animal Trophies Figures in gold color.

black or white marble base. variations and size down the selected option.


Alsatian Dog, Angus Bull, Angus Cow, Angus Steer, Chicken, Coon In Tree, Dairy Bull, Dairy Cow, Dairy Goat, Buck Deer, Greyhound, Fox Hound, Hereford Bull, Hereford Cow, Hereford Steer, Hog, Rabbit, Rooster, Sheep, Turkey, Bull with Rider, Fish – Bass, Fish – Marlin, Fish – Perch, Fish – Salmon, Fish – Standing Bass, Fish – Trout, Fish – Tuna, Horse, Horse – Arabian, Horse – Bucking Rider, Horse – Draft, Horse – Equestrian, Horse – Head, Horse – Jumping, Horse – Jumping, Horse – Jumping, Horse – Quarter, Horse – Racing, Horse – Western, Horse – Rear, Birds – Canary, Birds – Pigeon


White, Black